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    Just finished my second week of anabeta and I am a little let down thus far. Taking 4/day with 2 preworkout. Diet is very clean, I am typically 800-1000 cals above maint with good macros. All the other basic supplements are covered (fish oil, Multi-vit, krealk, 1.MR, green tea). Training hard and doing things correctly in the gym. So far I have gained 0 lbs and have not noticed any strength increase. I have noticed that I get up to pee 2-3 times per night and need to run the AC a little cooler.

    My question is this, have others had a similar lack of response? Did you try going to 6/day? I am 6'1" 181 sub 10% BF. From what I've read 4/day should be plenty at my weight.

    Also, has anyone checked their kidney function while on this stuff? It seems to be a potent diuretic (for me at least) which may account for some of the "lean gains" people are reporting.

    Thanks a bunch.

  2. I'd give it another full week at 4 caps/day...see how it's treating you, then perhaps bump to 5/day if you're not running 2 bottles back to back?

  3. I'm into my fourth week on Anabeta and although initially very excited about AB, I am also having very dissapointing results. I have increase the dosage by one tab each week. Week 1 - 4 tabs, Week 2 - 5 tabs, Week 3 - 6 tabs and Week 4 - 7 tabs. I will provide a more detailed report next week but thus far, except for the extreme diuretic effect of this product I have not noticed much in the way of gains or recomp.

  4. You could try bumping to 6/day on workout days.

    As far is it being "just a diuretic", I have never seen a diuretic give pumps in the gym like AnaBeta does or pumps and fullness all day. Typically diuretics are quite the opposite. Not doubting your experience.
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  5. I really haven't noticed any increase in pumps in the gym. Some days I feel pumped during the day but when I take measurements everything is base line.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by BBB View Post
    I really haven't noticed any increase in pumps in the gym. Some days I feel pumped during the day but when I take measurements everything is base line.
    I have been taking it for a while as well and nothing on my end. I tried a week at 4 caps, bumped up to 6 on workout days, etc and just didn't feel/get much. Maybe some increased hunger/thirst, but really nothing groundbreaking. I had two bottles so I'm sure I'll run the other one sometime after my log of Athletix stuff, but for the first bottle I just didn't see anything like some users report.

  7. i didnt start to feel anything for about 20 days then i started noticing a increase in strength. That was on 4 pills a day, i had better luck with 2 before 2 after workout. I saw decent results but i also stacked with many other supps including erase.


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