What do you guy's think of this ?

  1. What do you guy's think of this ?

    I have used products from Beyond a Century and they have proven to be excellent.I just ordered some of this,what are your thoughts..I have searched every thread of every forum and you know what,its about 50-50...I thinkk there is alot of sub par tribulus out thier...This is a new product

    NEW! TRIBULUS EXTRACT, super premium grade 50:1. 50% stronger! Protodiocin is now >15% by HPLC. This is Bulgarian Tribulus harvested at just the right time, extracted by a German pharmaceutical company, concentrating the active ingredients, especially the saponins protodiocin & protogracilin. The saponin potency, up to 80%, is tested by German pharmaceutical methods. Most manufacturers claim high saponin content but use inaccurate testing methods which measure a lot more than steroidal saponins. Tribulus has been shown to have anabolic, aphrodisiac, antioxidant, antiinflammatory, and diuretic effects; increasing testosterone in men while normalizing hormones in women. Usual dose is 250-500mg 3x/day for 8 weeks on, 2 weeks off. Very potent, but bitter taste. 50 grams, 200 doses, $25.00 Code 849.1

  2. Let us know how it goes. If memory serves, I believe there old trib was pretty weak.

  3. They have good prices, so I would dose pretty high with it. Not sure, but as you said it can hard to find good trib.

  4. I used it last year (so it isn't exactly new) and was very impressed stacking it with Avena Sativa (750mg each per day). As part of a PCT for M1T/M4OHN stack (AFTER Nolva, so don't get excited), I will run 1.5g each.

  5. Their Sex-Tiva mix works pretty well too. It's pretty incredible if you use it about an hour before sex.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bioman
    Their Sex-Tiva mix works pretty well too. It's pretty incredible if you use it about an hour before sex.
    How so? haha

  7. The combo of histidine, choline and licorice root will make your eyes cross upon climax. Nuff said.


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