Anabeta gains question

  1. Anabeta gains question

    Are Anabeta gains easy or hard to maintain once you come off the product?

    I've searched but couldn't find the answer to this question.

  2. Usually when people lose gains its because:

    1) They gains were wet gains from bloating

    -This does not happen with AnaBeta

    2) The gains were from a prohormone and the user becomes shut down or does not run a good PCT

    -AnaBeta will not put you at risk for this, as it will not shut you down

    3) User works out real hard, sleeps good, and diets great while taking a product, then when they stop they start eating like crap, working out never, and sleeping like ****

    -You will lose you gains from any supplement if you apply to #3, even AnaBeta

    So moral of the story is as long as you maintain everything, your gains will remain. No bloating and no suppression will occur

    Post AnaBeta users have confirmed they did not lose their gains gained on AB
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  3. Natty is spot on.

    The biggest thing is using androgens which suppress natural testosterone levels, leading to a crash post cycle. Some users revert to their original ways post cycle, or refuse to use proper PCT which inevitably leads to lost gains.

    Since Anabeta mildy raises natural testosterone if anything, a post cycle plummet of androgens wont occur upon cessation. Anabeta is actually very good in PCT to AVOID losing any gains.
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