Worth Adding PES Erase to this leaning stack (Titanium, Agmatine, SlinSane, EC)

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    Worth Adding PES Erase to this leaning stack (Titanium, Agmatine, SlinSane, EC)

    I have a bottle of PES Erase laying around and wanted opinions on whether to add it in or not

    Currently on:

    EC Stack (Dosed 2x per day, First dose is 2 Caps PAL Levi Reloaded and 25mg Eph, second dose is .75 scoop Purus MM + 25mg Eph Pre-Workout)
    CEL Suppress C (2 Squirts, 2x per day)
    Athletix Titanium (2 Caps per day)
    Genomyx Slin Sane (2 Caps per day with only carb meals)
    AI Sports Recover Pro (4 Scoops/Day)
    NOW P-5-P (2 Tabs per day)

    Overkill to add Erase or just what I may want? Goals are to to lean out/maintain muscle mass and cut down on bodyfat, eating at maintenance calories

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    I say yes, just keep at 2 keeps since suppress c is a strong cortisol controller. Erase will control the estrogen that Titanium will increase.
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