Best Tasting Protein Bars or Snacks

  1. Best Tasting Protein Bars or Snacks

    I know Chef Jay makes delicious protein cookies, but are there others out there that are comparable? I usually don't mess with the bars or snacks too much because most of them taste so "proteiny", but I would like to get some options for my order today so I am not just drinking shakes all the time.

    BTW, I am ordering XF Ultra Peptide 2.0 Lemon Cream Pie, because apparently from all the reviews I have read, it is the best tasting protein ever.

  2. Better protein bars man from ntbm.

    You can customize them any way you want to fit the cals and macros that you need. Check out some of the reviews on them of guys making up some custom recipes like this:

    N2BM green apple protein bars

    Sour Apple Better Protein Bars review...

  3. NTBM gets plenty of my money, lol. I use Forged Burner, Forged Liver when On, Need2Slin, Katanadrol, going to be ordering Forma for next cycle. They need to give me a frequent customer discount or something.

  4. Better Protein Bars are the most unique and best bars I've tasted...Sour Apple Bars being my favorite flavor

    I do agree most bars taste chalky or proteiny, especially some of the stores have that the bars sit on the shelfs for long periods of time, Better Bars are always fresh because you decide when you want to make them and exactly what goes into them

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  5. Quest Bars - just for the nutritional profile
    Titanium Bars are tasty, but if you want to avoid sugar alcohols, it's probably not the way to go.



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