helladrol and dieselbolan v2.0 are they synthetic?

  1. helladrol and dieselbolan v2.0 are they synthetic?

    I was wondering would anyone know if helladrol and dieselbolan v2.0 are synthetic?
    I have heard that synthetic products enlarge the heart and the which causes death at younger ages rather than old?

  2. They are synthetic, and like any PH/DS/AAS there's a correlation with excessive use and left ventricle hypertrophy. Of course, lifting heavy weights is also correlated with left ventricle hypertrophy. Some actually think it's not the PH/DS/AAS that causes the heart hypertrophy, but rather that it allows you to lift heavier weights.

    Either way, if you want to get huge, there are going to be certain risks. If you just want to be healthy/fit, there are better avenues than anabolics involving diet and exercise as well as some other OTC supplements like Na-R-ALA, ALCAR, probiotics, Krill oil, etc.
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  3. I thought that I remebered reading somewhere that doing cardio for 20 mins after a heavy lifting session reduces the risk of long term cardiac issues...I don't remember where I read it though..

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