DAA - Start Erase/Titanium 2 Weeks After Starting DAA?

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    DAA - Start Erase/Titanium 2 Weeks After Starting DAA?

    Hey all,

    Just got in my stack of DAA/Erase/Titanium. Reading mixed opinions on DAA needing to be run 12 week minimum to see max effects vs 8 wks on the bottle. Also, have been reading to start Erase/Titanium 12-14 days AFTER starting the DAA.

    Can anybody shed some insight as to what would be optimal. Have already done searches and can't find anything that specifically addresses this issue. Any input is appreciated!

    Happy 4th everybody!

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    I would start them all on the same day, and also would run them all for 4-8 weeks followed by a 4 week break
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