igf2/hgh-up/hemogex/? for healing

  1. igf2/hgh-up/hemogex/? for healing

    Is there any gh/igf type supplement that will help healing injuries. I am considering igf-2, hgh-up, and hemogex. Which is the best for healing or does anyone know of anything better?

  2. Healing what?
    Applied Nutriceuticals

  3. joint injuries and collar bone.

  4. I don't see OTC oral GH products being of any help to you in this area.

  5. I would run HGH-Up along with Osteo Sport, Osteo Sport along with Lit-Up, or Osteo Sport solo for this purpose. Osteo Sport is great for joint issues, and Lit-Up can actually help out quite a bit as well, due to the product's ability to increase SAM-e levels. Lit-Up will also increase GH levels (kind of off-label)- as DAA has the ability to increase GHRH levels in the pituitary. HGH-Up is also logical choice, b/c it doesn't contain stimulants, which you may not want in this situation....
    Dirk Tanis, BA, MSci
    Chief Operating Officer, Applied Nutriceuticals



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