PES erase/shift

  1. PES erase/shift

    hay guys/girls

    im new to this forum, got a couple questions...

    ive currently got on to PES erase/shift stack and ive noticed i feel really tired in the morning and have a major dry mouth all the time-this is a major problem as i train in the morning. Is this normal? ive just started the cycle today. i guessing these side effects subside sometime in a few days

    will this cycle can affect my running abilities? Im currently training for fitness tests to get into the marines so its important it doesnt effect my game.

    Any feedback will be welcome

    kind regards


  2. You might want to go with AT2 ad opposed to shift just for the slight extra kick it provides.

    When I have used shift, I use it prior to bed since it has no stims at all.

  3. I agree with above.

    Or you can add something like a preworkout or caffeine in the morning. Anything with stims will work, Jack3d is probably readily available in your city or any other affordable stim mix. Stay well hydrated all day as well.
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