Dong Quai and its relationship to Testosterone?

  1. Dong Quai and its relationship to Testosterone?

    Does Dong Quai increase testosterone or lower it?


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  3. I'm trying to find its relationship to testosterone and its effects on males. I've read a lot about its benefits with women as a hormone regulator through searches. Its just online I see different things from different websites on benefits in males.

  4. It reduces LH so it may be mildly estrogenic, but it increases FSH slightly so it can't be that estrogenic. The best theory I've seen is that it causes a rebound phenomena, where it suppresses LH initially but later on it bounces back. This kind of rebound can be expected after any brief androgen/estrogen exposure, such as one generally encounters on hormonal pulse therapy or short-term use of pituitary suppressive dopaminergics.

    Regardless of how it works, I like the way I feel mentally on Angelica. unfortunately it only lasts a few weeks, then the benefits seem to stop no matter how I modify the regimen. I've never really received any libido effect though.



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