Poll: Formestane vs. Bromo Poll

Topical Form or 6-Bromo for Strength??

  1. Topical Form or 6-Bromo for Strength??

    Strength gains, mild anabolic boost...

    Topical Form (150-200mg) vs. 6-bromo (100-150mg)

    Opinions? Experience?

  2. topical formestane. or even atd before 6 bromo imho.
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  3. 6-bromo treats me much better than formestane. For what it's worth.
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  4. topical formestane

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  5. 6-bromo felt more like a ph to me than an AI. Topical form was awesome for dropping water weight on-cycle and I can't really comment on the strength for TF since I was on-cycle the only time I used it.

    I voted for Bromo since it bulked me up nicely in the past but still think you'll like TF. If you go with TF I highly recommend taking a look at Forma Stanozol from Mr.Supps. Good value and dried quick.

  6. Topical Formestane for sure . You dont even need to go to 200mgs . 100-150 should be fine

  7. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    Topical Formestane for sure . You dont even need to go to 200mgs . 100-150 should be fine
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