Before/After Review of AlphaT2/Shift/Erase Stack w/ PICS

  1. Before/After Review of AlphaT2/Shift/Erase Stack w/ PICS

    The Skinny: Took AlphaT2/Shift/Erase as recommended for 30days. I started my recomp about 2 months ago @ 252, and used diet, exercise, and clen to get down ~226, where I hit a bit of a plateau. Then used this PES stack to break through the plateau. Goal: To go from ~226 to a target weight of 215. Result: Reached my goal on day 27 of the stack, and 1 day after the stack I reached a new low of 214.6.

    Here's my brief review from my log: 808rebel's Summer Shred w/ PES' Superman Stack
    Quote Originally Posted by 808rebel View Post
    Alpha-T2: I initially felt a good, solid, thermogenic feeling from it. As the days went by, my high tolerance to stims became a factor, but I could still feel the product working through all 30 days. I did notice that I had a bit of a runny nose when I was active. Nothing thick would come out, mostly just watery fluid. It didn't bother me.

    Shift: This thing made me sweat. A lot. The 2-pill dose before bed always dried me out. Often found myself waking up in the middle of the night dying for a sip of water. Although I was waking up thirsty, I typically had to take a piss too. Didn't experience night sweats or anything, just dryness. In the gym I almost immediately start sweating, and maintained that sweat throughout the workout.

    Erase: This is my first time using a cortisol product. Although I've read what it does, im not exactly sure what im supposed to "feel". I did notice a lot of random spikes in libido, and i think this was to blame (not saying that in a bad way).

    Overall: I enjoyed the stack from start to finish. I experienced minimal side effects, and only have good things to say about PES' products. Over the span for 31 days i went from 226lb, to 214.6 (new low). My goal was to get to 215, and I accomplished that on day 27. I paid $60 for all 3 products and I say that it was well worth it. I know that my diet had a lot to do with the weight that i lost, but the stack gave me the energy to keep pushing, even though Im at a calory deficit. If you were to ask me if I would recomend this stack I would say yes, and If you ask me if I would do this stack again, I would say yes. Good job PES.
    Here are the pics:
    BEFORE (Day 1 @ ~226lb) ----------------------------------->After (Day 31 @ 214.6)

    More After Pics

    I will be continuing my recomp with BPS' Combustion, as soon as it arrives
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  2. Awesome. Looking good.

  3. Your well on your way to single digit bf, keep it up.

  4. Thanks guys!

  5. Hell yea man!
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  6. thats actually really nice results. nice work.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    thats actually really nice results. nice work.
    Why thank you


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