Amazing joint relief supplement combo!

  1. Amazing joint relief supplement combo!

    I have been buying skeletal balm which I feel is amazing. To make it even better after I use about half of it I add a few ounces of dmso into it. I find this to give GREAT joint pain relief. Stacking it with cissus and for the first time in years I have much less occasional shoulder pain, as well as my elbow tendonitid disappearing completely.

  2. Skeletal Balm is AMAZING!!!! I effing love it and I have been stacking with cissus just like you and the pain relief is unrealistic. I used Animal Flex for months and even when I added cissus it wasn't helping my injured joints at all but when I started using the Balm and then added cissus...joints gone!

  3. BUMP!

  4. Thought this thread was gonna be about OT

  5. Where did you get skeletal balm from?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by JerseyDrew77 View Post
    Where did you get skeletal balm from?
    From those Necromancers!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist it
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  7. Quote Originally Posted by JerseyDrew77 View Post
    Where did you get skeletal balm from?
    You can get it at NP or from NeedToBuildMuscle.

  8. Definitely have to try out that balm! Just throwing it out there, but when i partially tore my bicep a year and a half ago, Animal Flex is the sole reason I got back in the gym. I SWEAR by the stuff. Definitely worth trying out.

  9. Orange Triad has really helped my joints, but sometimes i need a bit more support. I'll look in to this necromancy product. Thanks for the heads up!

  10. Cissus and PA's Joint Spray is whats up
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