Okay so i am bout to finish my pct from my first cycle of Halotest 25. I have a few questions for everyone and need help. 1.) How long should i wait to take the second cycle, if i finished a month ago and am currently finishing the PCT in 5 days. 2.) I ran the cycle 50/50/50/75. How should i run my second cycle? I did see good results from the way i ran it but i want more mass and muscle from this new cycle. 3.) What PCT should i take after because the Powerlabs PCT is crap.I was maybe thinking P6 from Cellucor and a SERM? NEED ANSWERS ASAP thanks everyone


  2. TimoOn (cycle+pct) = TimeOff
    You need a serm: nolvadex, clomid or torem

    Your cycle was very mild, even for an Hdrol cycle, if you don't found a serm go otc with an all-in-one like ReversitolV1 (not V2).

    Change compound for your second cycle, is a good practive never run twice the same compound.
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  3. so 8 months off the halotest?

  4. B U M P



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