Yohimbine-Alpha Yohimbine-Rouwalscine [EU question inside-only experts please]

  1. Yohimbine-Alpha Yohimbine-Rouwalscine [EU question inside-only experts please]

    Hi guys, i've some questions about yoh because in the last month, in the UE, every supplement containing yohimbine (in its various forms, including rouwalscine) has been banned and prohibited.

    The question wasn't clear because i couldn't understand if it was for yoh or for geranamine, then I saw that all products with yoh were retired or ri-formulated for the EU (take a look at the NEW lipo 6 black). Almost every nice termogenic has been prohibited (lipo6 black, oxy elite pro, etc) and i saw that the same happended in NZ and AUS.

    I really don't think that it was due to health concerns, because i didn't found any medical study who highlightened deaths or heart desease (if you know any, please post me the references)...even considering that yohimbe can be prescribed by a doctor.

    What is the situation about yohimbe/alpha yohimbe in the US, what's the position of FDA and WADA about these substances? Are there any interesting studies about health concerns with these substances?

    I've been on rouwalscine two times for some weeks in these last two years and I found it a lovely supplement, with ZERO side effects ON ME. I can't really figure out why all this claim in the EU against it

    Thanks in advance.

  2. It is what it and I love the stuff !!!

    Zero sides whatsoever.

  3. Alpha-yohimbine is very different that regular yohimbine.

    Not sure why EU banned it. Probably because they dont understand how different they are, but since it has the word yohimbine in it they assume its bad
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  4. AY isn't going anywhere anytime soon in the U.S. 1,3-Dimeth has some controversy, but nothing major - it's like any other stim and needs to be used in moderation.
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  5. Do this means no one in the UK can purchase any yohimbine products anymore? Or is the UK different than EU?
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  6. Hi Natty! I'm very happy for your reply...

    I think that UK laws are quiet different and all major stores have these products with yoh in stock, while other eshops can only sell unsold supplements but THERE ARE NOT any new re stock. I completely agree with you that rouwalscine is completely different from yoh and i find it very effective...really, i'm not the kind of guy that can experience placebo effect.

    I'm searching case studies about yoh and alpha yoh but, i repeat, nothing relevant comes to my eyes speaking about healthy individuals.

    Really don't know...you all in the US have a more permissive way of entering the market. Here are preventive controls by National Health Organizations, but i think that if health concerns were serious FDA would have banned it or retired the products (i'm thinking of what happened with novedex XT by gaspari)


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