best leviathan reloaded substitute?

  1. best leviathan reloaded substitute?

    ordered levi r some time last year from the planet; now it's unavailable.

    what's the best alternative?

  2. leviathan is pretty unique with regards to the ingredients list, with yohimbine HCL, and trib, and all the other goodies. I for one always thought it was a great product, i was a little disappointed when PAL quit making it.

    Your best bet would be to just get the main ingredients separately and dose them together.

  3. Google... really...
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  4. Google is my primary, not only, source of info.


  5. Quote Originally Posted by tunnelrat View Post
    Google is my primary, not only, source of info.

    some places recently were just selling this buy one get one free. I don't recall where I saw it though. Google it bro.

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  6. Yeah. I ordered three bottles last week; jus thinking about possibilities for late fall if I can't find Levi then.

    Thumbs up!


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