Dymatize Butter Toffee

  1. Angry Dymatize Butter Toffee

    I picked up a 5.5 lb jug of this stuff because everyone seems to say this stuff tastes amazing. I really was surprised when I tried it. Not in a good way either. This stuff tastes like dog **** mixed in windex, with a pinch of anthrax. WTF, I've tried some protein flavors that I didn't like before, but this stuff doesn't even seem like it should be meant for human consumption. I'd rather eat straight r-ala powder than this crap. I tried to give some to my dog and she wouldn't even touch it.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by RunDMT
    This stuff tastes like dog **** mixed in windex, with a pinch of anthrax.
    Sounds delicious

  3. the subjective taste of the individual. I love the stuff, as it lessens the monotony of ON choc whey and my choc night time from TrueProtein. If your comparing it to syntrax etal then I cant help you....no way in hell Im paying more then 6-7 dollars a lb, and thats only for exotics, not whey.

  4. I'm not comparing it to anything specific. I'm just saying, I'll eat literally anything you put in front of me, I'm the least picky eater I know. If it just tasted bad, I would just say **** it and eat it anyways, but something is really wrong with this stuff. I doubt this is what it is supposed to taste like, I think there must be something wrong with it.

  5. I too am surprised at your opinion. I eat the stuff by the scoop, straight to the face. If you really detest it, I find that it mixes well with chocolate protein powder or blends well with strawberries or bananas. Perhaps these suggestions will help you make use of it.

  6. have someone else try it. perhaps its rancid or somehow unflavored/sweetened or something? Or maybe you just don't like butter cream flavors

  7. Yeah I like butter cream candy this just tastes like a household cleaner more than any kind of food or candy. I'll try it out on some other unsuspecting victim.

    I would try to mix it with something else but the chemical taste is just too overpowering to me, I already know it won't work.


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