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    It say on the product description...goes nice with ec as it may even help sooth any jitters.
    from Genomyx or RPN??

  2. 4Real???

    If this is 4real, could u plz help another out I used it when it was around (real stuff) years ago & has tremendous success! Sadly, yrs go by & I've packed on 50lbs due to depression & I would so love to get back to where I used 2B, when it was around!!!

  3. I would love to know!!! I miss it so much & need it now more than ever!!!

  4. I believe there is a company that is now selling it in a fat burner product and pre workout product, let me check and see if I cand find the name. Saw it in my local shop here...

  5. Awesome! That would B so GR8!!! Plz lemme know what'cha find out... Thanx


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