Will this make me "Shredded"?

  1. Will this make me "Shredded"?

    No, I never do a product review..

    First off, I'm abit peeved that Syntrax has yet to bring out a solid thermogenic.. Since they have not, I've been using SAN's Tight product to good results.. No idea on pounds lost, I don't use scales when cutting..

    My only problem with dieting for a show is staying dry the day of judgement, or Pre-Judgement I should say..

    SAN has a new product that will hopefully change this for me, I plan to test out the new Aquaretic product they make called Shredded this week. The only other supps I'm using towards fat-loss is simple:

    Usnic Acid (custom)
    Multivitamin (Vitamin World)
    whey isolate (All The Whey)

    My diet is around 3200 cals, carbs are not low, just complex sources are used, 2 gallons of water a day, flax oil in the morning (2tblsp) and evening primrose oil softgels (2g ED)..

    I'll take a before pic this coming Wednesday, then Saturday morning to see how well I've responded..

  2. Please keep us updated with your feedback

  3. Cool Day 1

    Here goes nothing!

    I'm only gonna change my water intake, drinking 1.5gals instead of the requested 1gal.. My diet will stay the same since I'm losing pretty steadily.. These pics, you can see the obvious areas where water is lingering, calipers tell me my bf% is around 7.8%.. The UA isn't making me hot or anything, but I can tell it's working, I may cut it out for these 3 days to let the Shredded do its thing.. Here I am this morning, pre-breakfast.. After these, I took 7 caps Shredded with 32oz water, then ate normal breakfast..

    I'm drinking another 32oz water right now, and will continue to throughout the day.. If this works, I'll definitely invest further..
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  4. Good luck, I will definitely follow you results.

  5. Pete have you ever experimented with Gugulipids,I have been taking them and the bodyfat seems to be melting off...I should mention im doing an ultra clean diet and workout's have been insane the past month.I have been doing some research and supposedly new info on Gugul's effectiveness not only on thryoid but something to do with T3....Maybe some of you guy's have tried it if so please share....

    Pete are you planning a show soon...I know of the Northeast classic in October in Seekonk Ma...that is pretty close to you I imagine..I live in rhode island northern part so Seekonk is about 20 minuets from me....

    Keep us posted on the Shredded supp...the only other thing I use is the good ole ECA stack ad that I cycle 2 day's on 7 off works well for me...

  6. Yeah, the guggulsterones are pretty good. I've used the Syntrax version, and the Vitamin World version afew times.. Not bad at all..

  7. I know that I don't do well on most thermogenics, I get geeked out easily,

    But one product I swear by, and have used for over 10 years is MCT oil (No not synthol)
    Its a fat,(medium chain triglyceride) but gets burned as an energy source right off, and has thermogenic properties, and is great when
    cutting down on the carbs, keeps your veins poppin, and muscles full.Add a tablespoon or 2 to each meal (start slowly, or you will get the craps).It's
    about 100 cals per tablespoon.Parrilo Cap tri is the best I have found....he made it popular when Ketosis diets came around.


  8. I'm interested to see how you do with Shredded petey.

    As far as thermogenics, the best one that I've seen/used that's out now is probably MRM's Meta-Burn XTP. You should take a look at it if you want something a little better than that 2nd gen Tight.

  9. I use all ephedra-free fatburners with ephedrine Hcl anyway, so old or new Tight wouldn't matter..

    So far, I feel energized pretty good.. I was correct in increasing water, I'm thirsty as all hell, just drank down my 5th 32oz of water (32oz X 4 = 128oz or 1 gal, so I'm close to 1.5).. Feels like Tight, didn't take any ephedrine with it.. I'm about to head out to hit chest/calves.. Tomorrow I do quads/delts, Friday it'll be bi's/tri's..

  10. Did quads/hams/calves today.. Talk about energy! I felt pumped like I was on clen, but not as dehydrated.. When I sweat on this, I don't stop! Lastnight I was hot, everyone around me felt the heat coming off me.. Potent **** indeed.. My usual water-retention at night thing has ended as well, so no sittin' here bloated after 9pm anymore..

    I might go thru the whole bottle this time, but I do kinda want to save some in the event of a competition..
  11. 7/30/2004 Update!

    I'm just an odd one, I tell ya.. I hold water, then lose it, then bloat like mad, yet test never bloated me much.. I had afew beers Thursday night, which I know isn't a good idea, but it amplified the diuretic effect.. I only had 3 Guinness cans, and I was running to the bathroom every 5minutes.. I still drank alot of water (at least 48oz per brew), in the morning I was dry and still abit pumped..

    Comparison pics are a comin'..

  12. Compare these shots.. I'm guessing that if I were in better condition you'd see more of a drastic change.. This was cool, I can see how much more I need to get down if I were to compete..

    Start off with the relaxed pose..
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  13. Black shorts are from 3 days ago, grey UA boxers are from today..

    Hands on hips most-muscular..
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  14. My conclusion on this product: It works quite well, if priced right it would blow Taraxatone out the water.. I've used Taraxatone before, it flattened me out bad and it was hard to keep a pump.. Using Shredded I managed to stay fuller, my legs and lower abs show more detail.. I do have abit around my belly-button to get rid of, but I'm sure that if I were leaner I'd have some really sick results.. I almost want to compete this year just to use this again..

    Here's the last pics, ab& quad..
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  15. I am not sure if it is the lighting, but there is an obvious difference in the new pictures on your the stomach sides and chest.

  16. That's pretty impressive for 3 days. I've got the exact same problem w/water retention as you do. I wake up and look great but by 7 I look all bloated and crappy. I never really noticed it but i'm running a high dose of 4 AD cyp, and the change from morning to night is pretty obvious to me.

  17. I was thinking about the night time water retention. Isn't it caused by increase estro levels at night?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by size
    I am not sure if it is the lighting, but there is an obvious difference in the new pictures on your the stomach sides and chest.
    The lighting is abit different because the first pics were taken in my livingroom, the new ones are taken in my bedroom. I also adjusted the pics abit for too much shadow, or not enough light in them..

    Thanks for the compliment, brother!

  19. Pete,

    how much usnic acid are you taking daily? and how long have you been taking it?

  20. I only use 400-600mg a day of usnic acid, 2 weeks tops.. I actually stopped taking it to see how the Shredded would work on its own.. I'm back on the UA tonight..

  21. Quote Originally Posted by pjflynn
    I was thinking about the night time water retention. Isn't it caused by increase estro levels at night?
    That I'm not sure of, but you can always get Letro to help with bloat.. Take like 1.25-2.5mg EOD, it's an aromatase-inhibitor and it's better at getting at aromatase in the fat cells..

  22. I'm definitely using this again if I decide to compete.. By then I'll be leaner, and since I wasn't very lean to begin with, it did make a difference.. I like it, alot!

    After cutting, I wanna try their weightgainer..

  23. Nice review bigpetefox


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