Jungle Warfare+Inhibit-E+DAA stack good or bad idea?

  1. Jungle Warfare+Inhibit-E+DAA stack good or bad idea?

    I been taking DAA for a couple of weeks,and also 25-50mg Inhibit-e/day

    today i found an unopened jungle warfare at home,and thinking about start taking 3/day.

    Is this a good idea?

    i know about the libido issues with both high doses of ATD and also JW,but right now i have a superhigh libido maybe because of DAA,so i dont think that would be a problem.

    But is there any benefits with combining theese 3?

  2. Is this the old JW? If so I heard rumors of being tainted.

    I don't see a problem stacking them otherwise. I personally would save it for another use, but it's up to you. DAA + Inhibit E stack is pretty strong on it's own.
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  3. its the one with: Mormordica Chirantia Extract,Conjugated (-)3,4-divanillyl,tetrahydrofuran,17a-methyl-5a-dehydro-etiocholane-4,6-dien-3-one-17-ol,Proprietary Conjugated Coleonol Extract.

    the one with 175mg caps

    i think i will give it a try

  4. I also remember the old (years ago) JW version being tainted...and of course that wasn't on the label! Like Nom stated, DAA and Inhibit E is a good combo and if you're having success with it then why not just stick with it?
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