First time Methyl cycle - Opinions on my Supplements!

  1. First time Methyl cycle - Opinions on my Supplements!

    I was given some Trenadrol bottles a week ago so I figured I'd run a cycle. I ran a couple of Havoc cycles a couple of years ago but I am out the loop. Any comments or opinions on my supplements are greatly appreciated it. I think I've done enough research this time around to run a decent cycle. I have always ran mono creatine, but running Kre-Alkalyn starting the cycle. I been taking milk thistle and hawthorn berry for years, so I will also continue doing so even with my cycle and pct assist and obviously my omega oils. I will be running cycle assist with while taking Trenadrol and moving to LifeSupport (cause its cheaper than cycle assist lol) for for PCT along with Tarmoxifen (20mg first 2 weeks and 10mg last 2 weeks). And the supplements that are in image are not all I have. I bought months worth of some stuff. Let me know if theres anything else I might want to add for my cycle. Thanks

    Here are the list of supplements.

    During cycle:
    Animal Pak
    Cycle Aassist
    Additional Hawthorn
    Additional Milk Thistle

    Off cycle
    Animal Pak
    Life Support (Image not show)
    DAA caps
    Titanium Test boost (I looove Titanium)
    Additional Hawthorn Berry
    Additional Milk Thistle
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  2. i hope you have more than 10 taxamofin tablets for pct :-p. also id stack something with the tren. its a non methyl i always though it stacked the best with phera if you can manage to get your hands on some after the ban, or now a days maybe something milder like an epi or hdrol clone i think you can still find them around online. otherwise everything looks good, you have lots of support supps between cycle support and animal pack. i think you might as well throw in a methly PH if you are getting liver support from animal pak, cycle assist, and additional milk thistle. tren alone isnt going to do anything to your liver since its a non methyl, and you wont see huge gains from tren alone.

    oh and also i'd save the erase, titanium, and daa for 30 days after your cycle. after you stop taking the tamoxifen for 30 days. ideally id take daa for 60 days if you have enough, starting right after cycle it takes a while to kick in anyways.

  3. I am loving the SNS DAA caps.

    I don't see any major problems for it being just for Trenadrol.
    I'm Back...

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