Supplement Advice? - Non-Contact Football/Sprinting (No testing, any advice considere

  1. Supplement Advice? - Non-Contact Football/Sprinting (No testing, any advice considere


    (TLDR version at the bottom)

    Activities and goals.
    I play Oztag, which is a Non-Contact version Rugby League Football with tags on the hips which when pulled off equal a tackle. I played Rugby League for a number of years, however a PCL injury cut my League career short. The highest levels of Oztag I have played is Regional level, just under State. However, I have the brain to play state and possibly National level. However, my body lets me down a bit. I play 2 Club games a week and up to 8 over a weekend at a carnival, which we have 2 a year.

    I play a game of touch Football a week, which is more or less for fitness and skills.

    I also have just started sprint training at a Local University with some fairly High Level Coaches. I will be doing this between 1 and 3 times a week depending on muscle fatigue.

    My main goals for Oztag are to make State level. As I said earlier, my football brain is at a level that I believe I could make it at that level, however I want my body to catch up.

    I don't have any Touch Football goals because it really is just a filler for a bit of fun.

    My Sprinting Goals are to be the quickest sprinter at the University which I believe is attainable. After no formal sprinting training whatsoever, at my 1st training session my top speed is almost equal with the seasoned sprinters which excites the coaches. Where I am losing out is the fact my start is much slower than them which is where my improvement efforts will be isolated for the time being. My legs are very fatigued from my 1st sprint training session 2 days ago, so recovery will be important here so I can attend all 3 sessions a week which are on opposite days to my Football games.

    What I am looking for
    I am looking for supplements to assist me in performance at the events and in recovery afterwards. Because I am doing it casually and not competing in sprinting and there are not drug testing in Oztag, there really are no boundaries for what I am willing to try. Substances banned by some sporting governors like Jack3d (not talking about roids here) aren't exactly out of the question if it is indeed my best option. Anything too expensive or an excessive risk to my health will be considered by most likely be rejected if the risk-reward factor is too high when compared to something cheaper/safer.

    I turn 27 tomorrow, so the window of opportunity to get reach these goals may be closing.

    Supplements I've tried
    As far as supplements go, I have tried Jack3d, Tribilus, Dexamphatamine, CoQ10 and Black Powder.
    I found Jack3d to be alright, gave me a decent buzz, but I want better performance than what that gave me.
    Tribulis didn't seem to do too much to help me in Oztag, it seemed better for me when I was playing Contact Rugby for the strength and aggression factor.
    I am prescribed Dexamphetamine for mental illness, I sometimes chew up another 1/2 dose before playing or running. It gives me a little boost, but probably makes me more reckless on the field and I push the envelope a bit too much.
    CoQ10 is pretty good, it seems to give me a bit of clarity.
    Black powder had more or less no noticeable effect, I was quite disappointed in it to be honest.

    Please post what you think would be the best options for me


    TLDR version: Wants to obtain some suppliments to assist in reaching higher representative levels in Oztag (Tag Rugby) and be the quickest 60-100m sprinter at his local University Club. No testing so any means necessary.

  2. Purple Wraath for any endurance sports. Keeps you going and prevents muscle breakdown.

    Pick up a free sample from the link in my sig
    Controlled Labs Warder
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  3. Endurance sport ? Cordygen ultra by MST. Amazing stuff

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