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  1. LG GHenerate

    Got a email on some deals and saw LG's GHenerate on sale for 9.95. I really haven't heard many reviews and i couldnt find any searching that wasnt stacked with more supps. From those who have used it whats yalls opinion on the product?

  2. Never used it and have not really read anything on it either.
    I'm Back...

  3. you might check the LG sub forum..there's a sticky about it...I've used it & found it does help with restful sleep (and gives wild dreams), which is always great for helping with recovery...

  4. I posted data on another forum where it increased my caloric expenditure during sleep by about 10 k/cals and hour. It's a very good product IMO. Just have to be careful because it will really get some ghrelin action going and it was sometimes difficult not to pig out at bedtime.

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