Hello all

I ordered the Activate Xtreme + Triazole stack today and had a few q's

Ive been on nolva for about a month or so at 40mg ED to reduce/remove some minor gyno I got from a previous cycle a long time ago.

I just started this week reducing the dose to taper off at 30mg ED this week, 20mg ED next week and so on ect..

Id like to start the Activate stack at the end of this week but don't know if I should stop the nolva or continue taking it alongside the activate stack.

Or just wait until my nolva is done?

Any comments are greatly appreciated as well as sample cycle for this stack, ive heard and read many different ones like starting both Act X and Triaz at the same time or start Act X and introduce Triaz 2 weeks in..

Thanks in advance!