Just wondering if you guys can help me.

I have previously done a cycle of D-Plexx, The One (x2) and recently finished a cycle of CEL Alpha One.

The Alpha One was quite good, gained and kept 6kg of mostly muscle through PCT (Nolva). Didnt really have any sides apart from the obvious - lethargy towards the end (3 caps per day) and ball shrinkage, supps were: CEL cycle assist (2 weeks before and throughout PCT), CEL formestane (started on week 2 ended 2 weeks into PCT) Multi-Vitamins, Taurine, Flaxseed oil. PCT was Nolva, cycle-assist, multi-v's, taurine, superpump 250, sizeon, AD Tauro-test, AD Bull-K.

For my next cycle i was thinking either the new Primordial Performance Androhard, Forged: Lean Mass, RAPTOR (mass-plex) or Primordial 1-T Tren.

I was wondering what you guys would recommend as the best for dry, lean gains - the Alpha One was a little too wet for me. (with a very clean diet).

What is the difference between the Androhard and Androlean? im guessing the Andromass is more wet than the others?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers - Dean