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    Ok, I'm about to try some of their protein and I was wondering the difference between the Iso-Chill and the Cross-Flow? Is there a $2 difference per pound in quality or should I just go with Iso-Chill? Also, has anyone had the fruit punch flavor? I'm looking for a little cheaper version of Nectar . Any input would be appreciated.

  2. All I know is ive heard their company is a joke and their products are not legit.

  3. Just an update since you guys didn't seem to know much. I received my Iso-Chill Fruit Punch Flavor sweetened with Splenda. Product mixes very well, and the flavor tastes more peachy than fruity. It's also a tan color, but I really like the flavor. I've been looking for a Nectar alternative, and I think i found it.

  4. i love the iso-chill

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