Animal Test

  1. Animal Test

    Whats the word on this stuff? My friend was going to run two cans but it made him break out so he decided not to finish the first can. He offered to give me the other can but i've never really noticed anything from any of the Animal products. I have full cans of Pak, PM, Pump, M Stak sitting in my closet LoL. So is Animal Test any good? The Animal reps tried to convince him to run two packs a day for 42 days, That's like 200 dollars... I talked some sense into him.

  2. I dont think any of their stuff is worth it. Spend some time reading around here and you ll find lots of good choices.

    HCGenerate, Phytoserms, DAA, etc. Not many people around here are going to tell you to take Animal stuff.

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