I have been reading a lot about most of the prohormones out there. In a nutshell, in the past 2 years I have dabbled with PH and have had very little shedding and hair loss. I have used H-DROL and M-DROL of course with proper PCT and before then I had gone through about 3 bottles of Novedex XT, Mass FX, and a bunch of other supplements that aren't technically PHS. My main concern is that if a prohormone is 5 alpha reduced then it wont convert back into DHT, right? As in it's already passed the DHT conversion level so it can't go back to DHT, like say, a more base hormone would, like regular testosterone, right?

With that in mind, that means the chances of shedding and hairloss from those PHs would be minimal in those not prone to MPB.

What about those prone to it? Would the increase in androgens alone (not just DHT) cause thinning/shedding/loss?