titanium vs ECDY

  1. titanium vs ECDY

    Just wondering who has tried both (titanium or testopro), and what their results were from both.

    Been reading up on IForce ECDY, and I honestly can't tell if the stuff is legit or not. I've tried titanium in PCT, and although I had to dose it higher (4 caps), I really liked it.

    I know titanium is supposed to work by increasing test levels, and that ECDY doesn't really have any hormonal interaction but works more by protein synthesis.

    I'm thinking of a DAA/ECDY/6-bromo stack. I'm looking to lean out some and get stronger while at least maintaining my current weight at ~171lbs. In the past, I've tended to lose a little weight on 6-bromo, even at low doses (25mg/day). However, I plan to really up my water intake this go around, as someone here a while back suggested it was probably water weight. I like the vascularity I get from bromo, though, and I seem to get a little stronger on it. I'm hoping the ECDY, being an anabolic, can also compensate by helping me pack on a couple of extra pounds of lean mass.

    I'm just looking for some more feedback on ECDY before I pull the trigger...

  2. im about to try ECDY as well along with testopro, ERASE and Recompdrol

  3. Titanium I've used, works great. ECDY I haven't used, seems like a novel product but... could easily be a miss.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by massolic View Post
    im about to try ECDY as well along with testopro, ERASE and Recompdrol
    That should be amazing.

    I would love to see the final results from that.

  5. I've had great results with (I force) ECDY. The pumps in the gym are greats and muscle full is up.




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