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Mesomorph vs Assault

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  1. yes please make a 1-3 dymeth free version!
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Skigazzi View Post
    I second this, if I had to guess, Im saying 200mg Caffeine, and 20-25 mg of 1,3d per serving
    Serving size is 1 rounded scoop and that contains 200mg of Caffeine and 60mg of 1'3 dime.
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  3. APS Please make meso with out the 1,3 please pretty please wait I am on my Knees!!

  4. If you want to feel strong as a bull, have quick recovery between sets, and have great focus in the gym and only need 1 scoop Mesomorph is the way to go. This is the best preworkout powder with 1, 3 dimthylamylamine that I have tried and I have tried a few.
    One thing I always notice about the reviews of Assault eveyone is almost always talking about how delicious it taste and how they would love to drink it all day long but they never mention the three important effects that I mentioned about Mesomorph. When it comes to preworkout powders I really don't care about taste I care about how it will help me in the gym. One thing I want to mention that Chuck from Diesel Nutrition has always said companies are willing to leave out very important ingredients that really work well but taste bad just to make their product taste good. I would rather have a preworkout powder that didn't taste good but help me get a killer workout, but I guess not everyone thinks like me and they would rather drink something that taste like koolaid
    and is refreshing and wears off in 45 minutes.


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