Resveratrol and its effect on anabolic hormones

  1. Resveratrol and its effect on anabolic hormones

    I've read conflicting studies that state Resveratrol increases / decreases androgens and also that it reduces IGF-1 and HGH levels..

    I'm interested in supplementing this in my regimen for the numerous health benefits as well as being a natural AI, but I'm weary of it messing around with the anabolic workout response.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?


  2. Here are a bunch of references from our Sustain Alpha product (Resveratrol + Benzoflavone). I haven't been through them all but figured you may want to comb them for info.

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  3. I wouldnt necessarily take Res for its hormonal properties, but rather its anti aging and health benefits
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  4. It's a solid supplement all around lots of feedback on its benefits

  5. from a write up

    Let’s start with its fat loss properties. Trans Res is an SIRT1 agonist and this can help greatly with fat loss. “In addition, SIRT1 repressed PPAR-gamma, and overexpression of SIRT1 attenuated adipogenesis, and upregulation of SIRT in differentiated fat cells triggered lipolysis and loss of fat, events that are known to attenuate insulin resistance and prolong life span.(11)”.

    Trans Resveratrol
    Trans resveratol has been shown to increase sperm count in men, as well as having a positive effect on the HPGA (testosterone increase). While it increases LH and FSH it doesn’t impair the quality of the sperm. “The repeated oral administration of trans-resveratrol induced a 71% decrease in the mean diameter of the seminiferous tubules with a 100% increase in the testicular tubular density. Together, these changes led to an overall increase in the size of the spermatogenic tissue. Therefore, this enlargement may explain the increase in sperm production observed. It is noteworthy that sperm collected from the epididymis had matured properly because the morphological examination revealed the same percentage of abnormalities between groups.” This same study also revealed that a possible reason for this is its mixed ER agonist/antagonist properties regulating the feedback mechanism in the hypothalamus. And why not protect your prostate at the same time? This amazing compound also shows androgen receptor antagonism in the prostate! What more can a guy want? Increase in testosterone, blocking estrogen receptors, blocking androgen action in the prostate(1). All this just from one supplement? The crazy thing is there is more. This Novel supplement is a great antioxidant and can be used for longevity purposes and cardiovascular health. Studies show that it can increase the life span of specific organisms. And as an antioxidant it protects the body of free radicals. These free radicals damage cells in the body. Trans Resveratrol seems to do these actions by SIRT1 activities (agonist). But one of the problems is its not found in food and it seems to have a poor bioavailability (2, 3).

    1) trans-Resveratrol, a Natural Antioxidant from Grapes, Increases Sperm Output in Healthy Rats1 M. Emília Juan, Eulalia González-Pons, Thais Munuera, Joan Ballester*, Joan E. Rodríguez-Gil* and Joana M. Planas2
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  6. would be interested to see at what doses/concentrations negative effects were established...

  7. Agreed...lets see some megadosing studies
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