Can someone please advise me?

  1. Can someone please advise me?

    Hi- I thought I posted this, but I can't find the thread. I'm looking to try M1T while it's still legal and I need to know about some of the things that go with it such as Nolva and Milk Thistle. Are all of these available legally? If not, what can I use to go with the M1T? I'm in the US and from what I understand M1T won't be legal here much longer.

  2. yes on all accounts
    also if it were illegal I would have to delete your post, you would be asking for sources

  3. Thank you- I've been doing searches on the forum, but wanted a definitive answer. Can I source these items from anyone in particular on this site- I noticed sponsors, but haven't been to their pages yet. Also, is there anything else I should add to this besides Nolva, Milk Thistle and M1T?

  4. Sounds like you need to do some more research, have you ever run PH or AAS before? How long have you been lifting? M1T is a very serious compound, and should not be someone's first anabolic compound. It will completely shut down your body's natural production of testosterone, and could damage your liver.

    Most people do 2 weeks M1T @ 10mg daily, 2 weeks off w/ nolva @ 40mg daily, 2 weeks on @ 10mg daily, then PCT 2 weeks nolva @ 40mg daily, 2 more weeks nolva @ 20mg daily.

    If using liquid nolva 40mg should be 60mg, 20mg should be 30mg. You want to take milk thistle before and after your cycle (start after during the PCT period), at least 6 weeks continuously after.

    It should be legal at least till september, you can buy some and not take it till later (although that would make you posess a CIII steroid).

    Milk thistle can be bought at any health food store, Nolva can be imported in pill form from foreign countries for human consumption, or bought suspended in liquid inside the US for research purposes (not for human). It is a prescription drug.

    PLEASE be careful and do not take M1T just because it is going to be made illegal, there is a reason for that - it is a dangerous compound.

  5. (board sponser and great co) sells Nolva for research purposes.

  6. Cool- thanks for all the info. The only thing I've used in the past was prohormones- Stenandiol in particular. That worked very well for me. So would M1T still not be a good choice? I've been lifting for about 7 years on and off. If M1T is not a good choice for me, is there a better legal alternative? I'm not interested in anything illegal as I can't afford to risk my job, etc.

    I've attached a fairly recent pic of me- sorry for the shaky pic, I'm not too good with the digicam.
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  7. Ah nice pick, good you really are 32 and have done some lifting (and not some kid who would do this all wrong, hard to tell on the internet).

    M1T is legal so no worries there, the nolva is kinda iffy but no one is going to arrest you for having breast cancer medication so no worries there either.

    If I were you I would try a 4-5 week cycle of a transdermal 1-test / 4ad mix. sells one called S1+ that is really good, you would need 2 bottles. It works great for me, I like it and it is tried and proven. Get some nolva from and use it for your 4 week PCT as outlined above. If it works for you great, if not you can still get some M1T. the 1-test / 4ad will have less side effects.

    M1T is the new kid on the block, it lets you put on A LOT of weight really quick, but not everyone keeps the weight - a decent bit of it is water. It should be stacked with a topical 4ad for best results and to keep you sane (and your dick up), customnutritionwarehouse sells a great topical 4ad called T4. Get some legal gear M1t if you go this route, $10 for 60 10mg tabs at I like the 1-test / 4 ad combo I mentioned above much better, people tend to have less side effects and can stay on longer and I feel 20lbs over 5 weeks is more likely to stick than 20lbs over 2-3 weeks. M1T is an oral, meth compound that is hard on the liver, hence the need for milk thistle.

    If that doesn't make sense tell me and I will clear it up from work tomorrow, I think I rambled but want to get in bed instead of fixing it.

  8. Wow- thanks for all the great advice! I currently eat about 2000 calories a day to maintain my weight and around 2500 a day to pack on a decent amount of muscle with my workouts. Should I be increasing my caloric intake? How drastically? I'd like to not gain fat, if possible. Also, I train with HIT, which is the only routine I've tried that actually worked for me- I assume that I may be able to increase my volume with this cycle.

    And yes, I'm 32- in fact today is my birthday- well, until a half hour ago as of this post anyway.

  9. Happy day after your birthday! From the pic I would have thought it would take you more than 2K calories to maintain weight, but at 32 your metabolism might have slowed a little...

    I like to eat a good bit above maint. calories while "on", usually 3500-4000K but I have a very high metabolism and simply don't get "fatass fat." Although I alway do put on a few lbs of fat, I like to maximize my gains. Clean calories in 7-8 meals a day eaten on the clock is the way to go (45 prot./40 carb/15 fat is best for me).

    If you go with the M1T you should just eat as much as possible whenever possible, It will really pack on the mass for the 2 weeks you are on and little fat. With 1-test you will be on longer, I think it is best to eat well above maint. for the first 3 weeks to pack on some mass, and then cut back a little (but still over maint) for the last bit to solidify the gains. Don't underestimate the nutrient partitioning effects of the compounds, really amazing.

    Be sure to keep your calories above maintenance when you come off, you don't want to lose your gains during PCT. This will put on a small amount of fat probably but will really help keep your gains.

    I don't think it is possible to gain a great deal of muscle without putting on at least some fat (but not more than a few lbs).

  10. Oh for the HIT, not my favorite but if it works for you it works, can't argue w/ results. You can and should increase your volume while on.

    You should take a look at HST after your cycle if you have never tried it. Haven't done it but a lot of people are getting results.

  11. Great. Thanks for all your help! I think I'll go the transdermal 1-test / 4ad route that you suggested. The M1T, being toxic to the liver, isn't something I want to mess with- I guess as you said, there's a reason it'll be illegal. I'll leave all that serious chemistry to the younger guys.


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