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  1. Hi man, I got exactly the same from a standard bloodwork test.
    Doc called me and said I had high creatinine, and I went and checked it out at the hospital with ultrasound. They didnt find anything and said it was most likely from high protein intake. I don't know about BUN though. Didn't have that.

  2. Sooooooo as fate would have it, my dang Creatine levels are elevated! WTH.

    Of course my doc tells me to get off the creatine. LOL.

    Why is there so much ambiguity and so many arguments on this subject (whether or not creatine raises creatinine)?

    Kind of hard to figure out who is the foremost authority on this subject!

    Bun Levels are elevated too

    I supplement with Potassium Citrate (quite a bit!). Could this be the reaosn for the elevated BUN? (dehydration issues?) I drink a lot of water but I wonder if the K+ is forcing me to release too much water since I THINK it acts as a mild diuretic.

    I only eat 200 grams of protein a day and Im 215lbs (12%).
    No protein in the urine.


  3. I would argue that the reference levels that they use for someone in the creat is based upon un-supplemented people. This means that although you level is elevated, this does not mean that your kidneys are not functioning properly. The only test that would get me concerned about my kidneys, in a daily and not acute setting, would be a 24 hour creat clearance test.

    In other words, I wouldnt be too worried

  4. Hmmmmmmm

    A book called The Waterfall Diet (p. 35-36) sites a study in Journal of Trace Elements and Electrolytes in Health and Disease [1990] that says the mineral SELENIUM dropped Blood Creatinine levels 13%. I believe the book suggested 200-700 mg/day.

    Iíve also added protein digestive enzymes. (The papaya suggested in another comment digests protein.) Also, if youíre bodybuilding and eating a lot of protein in the diet, parsley seed and celery seed will remove the excess uric acid. (A waste product of protein that really strains the kidneys.) The coumarins that flush uric acid also thin the blood so don't megadose and talk to your doctor if youíre on meds.

  5. This thread has been dormant for a bit..

    Quick overview:

    I am 41, 5'10", 260-270lb. I mix bodybuilding and powerlifting, so my work outs are intense in terms of muscle breakdown. I get bloodwork done regularly and as the thread says, I was more focused on liver and prostate values.

    I had a doctors apt a while back and he had a script for labs, b/c I am on 20mg of lovostatin for cholesterol to check efficacy of lovostatin and liver values. Since I worked out hours before the test, my creatinine was a whopping 3.86. So off to the nephrologist he wanted to send me..

    I told him that I worked out before the test and told him I could give him a better result. I did, but it was 1.9.

    Nephrologist is a decent guy but a bit rigid. He doesn't seem to account for fluctuation, if I would be at the muscular 1.3 level. I believe I have a false high.

    The lovostatin would increase musc breakdown. I read vit C will raise it. Eating more than 8oz meat w/ in 48hrs of test will raise levels. Also, obviously an extremely strenuous work out will raise levels. I never truly stop working out for these panels, so I accept 1.53, etc as indicative of the supplements (creatine) and other factors.

    Doc believes 1.9 is my new baseline. That was what he said before having blood drawn and a urine collected, which gave me a 1.8. Small difference but he was wrong and I worked out about 28hrs before that.

    I was in the 1.3 - 1.5 area before a bump up to 1.8, which I would think is related to the lovostatin. I know the true test is a 24hr urine w/o any aggrivating (sp) factors (been taking aleve lately for shoulder pain, though I have an apt w/ ortho, so that should be coming to an end).

    Point is, I am not allarmed. He did a 24hr urine about 4yrs ago and after they got my attn (I was blowing it off at first), they told me that they dont tell ppl w/ healthy kidneys what to do.... I suspect this is the case again.

    Seems like several guys in the thread are knowlegeable on this topic.. Opinions welcome.


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