This thread has been dormant for a bit..

Quick overview:

I am 41, 5'10", 260-270lb. I mix bodybuilding and powerlifting, so my work outs are intense in terms of muscle breakdown. I get bloodwork done regularly and as the thread says, I was more focused on liver and prostate values.

I had a doctors apt a while back and he had a script for labs, b/c I am on 20mg of lovostatin for cholesterol to check efficacy of lovostatin and liver values. Since I worked out hours before the test, my creatinine was a whopping 3.86. So off to the nephrologist he wanted to send me..

I told him that I worked out before the test and told him I could give him a better result. I did, but it was 1.9.

Nephrologist is a decent guy but a bit rigid. He doesn't seem to account for fluctuation, if I would be at the muscular 1.3 level. I believe I have a false high.

The lovostatin would increase musc breakdown. I read vit C will raise it. Eating more than 8oz meat w/ in 48hrs of test will raise levels. Also, obviously an extremely strenuous work out will raise levels. I never truly stop working out for these panels, so I accept 1.53, etc as indicative of the supplements (creatine) and other factors.

Doc believes 1.9 is my new baseline. That was what he said before having blood drawn and a urine collected, which gave me a 1.8. Small difference but he was wrong and I worked out about 28hrs before that.

I was in the 1.3 - 1.5 area before a bump up to 1.8, which I would think is related to the lovostatin. I know the true test is a 24hr urine w/o any aggrivating (sp) factors (been taking aleve lately for shoulder pain, though I have an apt w/ ortho, so that should be coming to an end).

Point is, I am not allarmed. He did a 24hr urine about 4yrs ago and after they got my attn (I was blowing it off at first), they told me that they dont tell ppl w/ healthy kidneys what to do.... I suspect this is the case again.

Seems like several guys in the thread are knowlegeable on this topic.. Opinions welcome.