info on a complete detox from supplements for better gains???

  1. info on a complete detox from supplements for better gains???

    Ok i work in a small supplement shop here in town and we have lee haneys 7 day detox. I recently just ended my post-cycle of my first pro-hormone. I am taking zma, multivitamin-orange triad. whey and casein protein, aps mesomorph preworkout, along with their creatine nitrate, and am also drinking scivation xtend daily. The plan is to get off of all of my supplements except multi and protein. Just curious if anybody has attempted this before and had any success from it. My thinking behind this whole thing is that my body is so used to all of these supplements that if i stop cold turkey for a month that it will shock my body, and then once i get back on them it could have good effects. Just a theory, im not sure if it will work that's why im interested in hearing others opinions. thanks alot guys!

  2. oh i also intend on taking the 7 day detox as well

  3. i dont know if you HAVE to, but i like to. and when i do, i take Bio Mend
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  4. I am running Acai cleanse and detox right now,so far it seems good i will update you when i am done running it.This a 14 day detox.I like to run them after cycle's,not sure about the whole shock theroy,sounds good but i dunno.

  5. ya i have done a detox before from a g.n.c. store and liked how i felt afterwards, but maintained to run all supplements while on it, so im tryin to get off all the ones im on now and see how it goes. might work might not, but if anything it will give me a peace of mind after running 2 oral methylated pro-hormones.

  6. i really dont believe in detox supplements as your body is FULLY capable of detoxing itself in an efficient manor. not much is going to help you along that path. if you want to really detox try replacing a larger amount of your carbs with fruits and vegetables. thats the best way to do it. guaranteed nothing is going to beat that.

  7. Supps that need saturation like creatine, nitrates and beta alanine will be less effwctive


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