bad ass mass query

  1. bad ass mass query

    Hi there guys!
    This is my 2nd cycle i did dymethazine as my first!! I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Alri's bad ass mass. What are it's effects wrt amount of muscle gained? is it wet or dry? what are sides on it? what pct, if any, is needed?
    Finally, i have one bottle lying around. I was thinking of doing m-drol or alpha one after it. How long should i wait after BAM to do either?

    cheers in advance!

  2. where is everyone???

  3. im speaking for myself here, ive never heard of that before. as far as PH go, post in the right section to get better response. Mdrol is not a supplement
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  4. It is not a PH, no PCT needed

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