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    its been a long time since i have worked out but i am now back into it again. i am about 200lbs
    and bulky so i dont want more mass i just want to rip up. my friend told me to take 3 things by a comany called vps. they are monster m1t, micellan and cex.
    im not sure about those 3 things but i just might want to start of with a little protien and something to cut me up while i keep my mass. please any info would be great.


  2. If you don't want to gain more mass, DEFINITELY do NOT take M1T!

    As far as protein, since you are just getting back into it, get the bulk of your proteins from actual foods, and just add a whey powder and maybe a slower acting protein to take at night (don't take the whey at night, take the slower acting protein at night).

    But mostly, just eat clean and work out hard.

  3. M1T is a prohormone, and is not something you want to be taking if you are just getting back into working out. I think you should be careful with whatever information this friend of yours is giving you. Using M1T without knowing what you are doing can have some nasty consequences.

  4. Just get a 5lb bucket of optimum 100% whey chocolate, good protein and cheap as hell. Take that and creatine and search for some of the "cutting" and "weight-loss" threads if you want to cut up.

    Hold off on the M1T for a while, it is powerful stuff and could do serious damage if you are not prepared.

    I think your friend was talking about VPX, they are a bad company that over-charges, I would not purchase their products.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Dan
    M1T is a prohormone
    Only by its legal clasification. M1T is the "real" stuff.

  6. I think you may have the wrong place, try starting here for basic answers:

    Bodybuilding.com Supplement Forum.....great for newbies!!!


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