Energy Boost Question: Jack3d vs Primaforce's DMAA

  1. Energy Boost Question: Jack3d vs Primaforce's DMAA

    This thread is mainly specific to the issue of an "over 40" year old looking for an energy boost during workouts. (Not body building but Dad just trying to stay in shape)

    Had great results from Jack3d but the one drawback was when doing evening workouts...I was so "jacked" I had hard time sleeping. Since Jack3d has caffeine + dmaa (1,3-dimethylamylamine)...I thought that I would try dmaa solo without the caff.

    So I bought Primaforce's DMAA. Started with recommended dose of 25 mg. prior to workout. Did this for 5-6 workouts and didn't feel ANY real energy boost as compared to Jack3d. So tonight I doubled up to 2 pills (50 mg.)...still didn't feel much of anything

    So, did I get a bad batch of dmaa? Or is dmaa only really effective when used with caffeine?

  2. I'm not sure about geramine, but I think I have read that the effects from it as a single supplement is pretty weak.. But when mixed with coffein, you'll get that right feeling of it..
    Read a similar situation today... A guy posted that he gets really jacked from supps like jack3d, Brutal, etc that has both Geramnine and coffein in them.. But now he wanted to take a break from PWOs, but still wanted an extra boost during the day. So he bought X brands Geramanine, 25mg per capsule, and he felt nothing from them, not a slighest thing...

    Sorry that I don't have anything to back these statements up with, but it fits with what you experienced...and the guy I meantioned...

  3. I have a jar of that Primaforce DMAA and I take 2 caps with something that doesn't have it
    in their ingredients and it works great but if you take it by itself you won't feel much it has to be combined with caffeine to really feel the effects.

  4. Thanks guys. You both confirmed my suspicions.

  5. I've never used DMAA solo but it does wonders for me when I'm on half the stims for late night workouts. You could always dose maybe only 100mg of caffeine or a small cup of coffee with 25mg of DMAA and you should be G2G.

  6. I find that jack3d gives a good boost.. unfortunately a lot of the other stuff sucks. I like results, and honestly if I am not taking jack3d, I take just caffeine. I could name names on here, but I don't want to sound like a know-it-all, some stuff that doesn't work for me might be the next big thing for you. DMAA with caffeine does work, but constantly taking supps is never that wise, I advise either taking a full break for a week and then going back on (feels like plugging into a power outlet for me) or using just caffeine til you are ready to go back on. I use both methods, experimenting is always a good thing, people don't all react the same way to things. For me, jack3d is the one I use. If you look for supplements to give you an energy boost, try to find ones that you can alternate in stacks so you don't get resistant to them. Pre-workout supps are great, but there are so many out there that you might have to try a lot before you get something that will give you that "boost". If you need stuff like jack3d, well grab your ingredients list and go shopping. Try stacking stuff, as long as the stuff is safe combined. My stack is Prime, Powerful, and Jack3d. when I need to break from jack3d, I use coffee instead. still boosts me, not quite as good, but cheap and makes me primed and ready to hit the jack3d again. Sorry to run on here, but I know the feeling of wanting something to give a boost when i am off the pre-workout stuff. Also, I like what I use, but if it doesn't work for you then get something that does. peace out, get your workout on!


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