1. flashover?

    So im a fan of the dmaa and caffiene combo. Ive tried several products over time and i always return back to jack3d. They all work and give me a good boost i enjoy for my lifts. However, some of these products keep me up way to long. Meso and Maximize were the two i cant take unless its about 8-9 in the morning and i hope to sleep about 12-1 at night. Pre-surge unleashed sometimes keeps me up, sometimes not. Jack3d never has affected my sleep and thats why i return to it. But ive always been curious of flashover, i was looking for feedback on how it compares in the kick department and how long the effects last.

  2. I have used both flashover and Jack3d. And for me they were pretty similar. Both a caffeine and 1,3,dime preWO. flashover has 100mg of caffeine, which is about a cup of coffee. Both did what they were made to do and never kept me up. (I workout about 4pm.) But I have gone to Assault and never looking back.

  3. ive heard some gut wrenching things (literally) about assault, thanks for the feedback tho!

  4. flashover is basically jacked but better and they actually list out the amount of ingredients on the side. its also stronger than jacked per scoop so u use less... and its cheaper (on sale for $15 from time to time). i like it

  5. I wrote a review of Flashover here. Hope it helps.

    My workouts usually start and end anywhere between 5-8pm and I never had a problem getting to sleep around 11/12pm. The new formulation completely dissolves now and it's a pre-workout staple for me off-cycle.

  6. awsome feedback, thanks guys. After i run thru some current pre-wo supplys ill be picking up some flashover, always liked omega anyways


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