Bioforge v2

  1. Bioforge v2

    How good is Bioforge v2? I just got a bottle for only 36$ and thought it was good or used to be.

  2. Its sick, right behind DAA as best test-booster I've ever used. Amazing for mood, libido, and testicular size. Strength gains were alright. I would pick up another bottle, as these effects became pronounced about 3 weeks in.

  3. thanks, I am using in PCT so very interested in Testes size. I heard DAA was great for that as well. Might use both in pct?

  4. Absolutely. I've stacked them both before. Might want to get an AI too. Inhibit-E is a very cheap choice and can be had for $15/bottle.

  5. Isnt Inhibet ATD? I already picked up Erase for 20$



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