Scientific Guinea Pig...OsTa - LoG

  1. Scientific Guinea Pig...OsTa - LoG

    Scientific Guinea Pig...OsTa - LoG, For Research Only

    I'm looking to load initially with 25mg for the first week or 2 and maybe drop down to 12.5 to finish out 8 weeks, and then continue with 25mg for another 4 weeks, looking for a 12 week cycle on this stuff, mainly to try it out and see if there really is a reason people are taking this specifically for an 8 week average period. Initial description of the taste on first dose...caribou's ass *aka* kerosene, gas like taste, exactly how it tasted the first time I siphoned gas...blah! No juice to chase it with either, but stoked to say the least. Stay tuned because I will be updating the log frequently.

    Monday - Upper Body
    Tuesday - Lower Body
    Wednesday - Cardio
    Thursday - Upper Body
    Friday - Lower Body
    Saturday - Cardio


    I'm looking to cut weight and trim down for the summer, right now I weigh 185'ish and want to get down to 170 now

    Morning - Before work
    2 Yougurt - 200 cal, 10 pro, 38 carb, 0 fat
    Protein Shake - 140 cal, 27 pro, 3 carb, 0 fat
    Fish Oil

    Snack 1
    Peanut Butter & Banana *1/2* - 173 cal, 8 pro, 21 carb, 9 fat

    Peanut Butter & Banana *1/2* - 172 cal, 8 pro, 21 carb, 9 fat
    Protein Shake - 140 cal, 27 pro, 3 carb, 0 fat

    Snack 2
    Peanut Butter & Banana *1/2* - 172 cal, 8 pro, 21 carb, 9 fat

    Snack 3
    Peanut Butter & Banana *1/2* - 173 cal, 8 pro, 21 carb, 9 fat

    Protein Shake - 280 cal, 54 pro, 6 carb, 0 fat

    So before I eat my dinner for the night I have here:
    1450 Calories, 150g Protein, 128g Carbs, 36g Fat

    Giving myself room to eat what I want for dinner, something clean though, chicken, turkey, tuna, high in protein or some pasta.

  2. Wait, what exactly are you taking again?
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  3. Day 1

    Sarms Osta - MK2866

    First workout:
    Never have my arms felt so pumped, and as I continued the workout my strength only increased. Started off with a 3 mile bike ride in 10 mins, then into the upper body workout today.

    Bent-over rows - 2x12 - 75
    Seated M Press - 2x12 - 85
    Bench Press - 2x12 - 75
    Barbell Shrug - 2x12 - 115
    Close Grip Press - 2x12 - 95
    Barbell Curls - 2x12 - 40

    It's day one of the new routine, so I'm just getting accustomed to the new exercises i'm performing. I'm used to the standard, Squat, Bench, Deadlift movements, and i've always had a **** bench due to a sports injury when I was a teen. But day 1 review, don't even know if it was the OSTA or not but definately a great workout today. Stoked for tomorrow getting down on lower body, some squats! ATG

  4. did you get bloods done before you started? are you going to have bloods done after the cycle?

  5. You mean blood work or the blood pressure? Seems like something I should get done, either one is important, yeah?

  6. yes blood work as in test levels, lipid profiles, etc. How else will you know if it would be safe to run for 12 wks instead of 8?

  7. will enjoy.

  8. Totally skipped my mind, figured I'd just see how my body reacts and whatnot. Where do I get this bloodwork done?

  9. Why do you need blood-work?

  10. under the stickies in the anabolic section, it will tell you how to get bloodwork done for around 50 dollars.
    There isnt alot of good reputable scientific based info on sarms taken at doses higher than clinical studies. So the only way for you to really know if it would be safe to take osta for longer than 8wks would be to have blood work done before and after, and see if you got shutdown, or any decrese in test.
    From what ive read most peoples test does drop a litlle, and i think its from the rise in estradiol, which leads to less test being converted. I plan on running ERASE about 3wks into my osta/s4 cycle and then run natural test booster at the end of the 8wks

  11. Well my routine is a scheduled 12 weeks, so I figured i'd run for the entire thing. I think it's funny though. Last week, I had the money to spend on whatever. This week, I don't even know where i'm going to be living. Funny how stuff change so quick. Meh, either way though I will be fine. It's just interesting to see if I leave or if she does
  12. Day 2

    Mod edit. Wrong forum and of I see another log posting sources then you're getting banned.


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