Nattys, which type???

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  1. I ran 2 bottles of nat starting at just 2 a day up to 6 for about two weeks at the end before tapering down and into formadrol. finishing out the forma now. spring is running season for me so alot less lifting but I feel like I have stayed pretty strong even though I have lost weight. basically I would use nat as a recomp or cut. I made huge strength and muscle gains and lost a good bit of fat. I felt STRONG. my dead went from 405x3 to 525x1 bench went from 225x7 to 225x10, from 265x1 to 305x1 or 285x3. lats and back got huge, and I felt fast the whole time which is important for me. went froma bout 188-185 by the end, but with all the strength gains. BF went from 9%-a little below 8.

  2. also IGH1 and ghenerate together was a great stack for me, cheap and last a while.

  3. My typical "Natty Stack" consist of an AI, a test booster and a nutrient partitioner.

    I use these types of stacks for recomping frequently.


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