Routine on epi cycle...

  1. Routine on epi cycle...

    I plan on starting my second cycle of epi at 40mg/ed for 6 wk. Loved what it did for me last year. I wanna cut with it this time so was looking to get into a fat loss routine like CP's lactic acid training. Read many great reviews and saw that its recommended to keep at 6 weeks as anymore would be overtraining and detrimental to the CNS so this would fit perfect, I would then go to lift heavy on PCT. Would a routine like this be good to run with PH? My first cycle I ran prop/var for 8 wks and did a traditional 4 day split and was good. Then with my first epi cycle, ran MHPT, great as well. I'm now at 210, would like to lose 10-15. Gonna try to keep my carbs around the 150-200g/day range and totals kcal round 2500. Bottomline, would a routine like this be a "waste" on PH as I always heard that on gear/PH, train heavy all the time...

  2. Epi can be used to help whichever direction you want to go. For cutting, it may help keep muscle, but depending on your diet and routine, you may end up with more of a recomp where you don't lose the full 15 pounds, but gain muscles and lose fat. If you're just looking to cut 10-15, maybe consider passing on the epistane.

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