Halovar Cycle Help

  1. Halovar Cycle Help

    Whats up guys. I'm new to this board. I just wanted to run my cycle by you guys to get any suggestions

    Here it is:

    Halovar 50/50/50/50
    Organ Shield during and PCT
    Recycle and Nolva PCT

    Other Supplements i'm currently taking:
    ON Whey
    ON Casein
    ON Opti-Men
    Garlic Pills

    I'm 27 and currently weigh 167 with minimal body fat(never measured). My goal is to put on 10lbs from this cycle and keep it.

    Any suggestions or stack would be appreciated. Thanks in advance guys

  2. most will tell you to run 6 weeks at 50/75/75/75/75/75 with a 4 week pct. 75 seams to be the sweet spot for everyone. been along time since i ran it but i think i ran 75 stright through and used a otc pct. i was told at the time hdrol isnt harsh enough to use a serm and it all worked for me, although i dont recall the accual pct i used. it was a few years ago.

  3. this is going to be my first cycle and i'm trying to do as much research as possible b/c i don't want to cut corners and i want to do it right in all aspects.

  4. Google hdrol cycle or hdrol logs and you can read through tons of user reviews and the cycles they have ran as well as what they recommend for pct. Take that info and try it, you will find what works for you. its confusing at first but the more you read the easier it will become. hdrol is a great first timer PH.

  5. Looks good. No need to up the dose until you try 50mgs ed for a week or two.....then if you're not seeing the negative sides you might increase it to 75mgs ed.

    If you really have nolva (tamoxifen citrate) for PCT, then extending the cycle past 4 weeks and/or increasing the dose will be ok.....

    If you're trying to do only a otc PCT (which I do not recomend) then keep it at 4 weeks @ 50mgs.

    Watch the stimulants while on due to the risk of increased blood pressure (check your jack3d)

    Maybe add creatine mono to your PCT

    Having said all that. You're too small for steroids...and probably too young.

    good luck.

  6. i baught an additional bottle of halo in case i decide to run it for 6 weeks and jump to 75mg a day. I've started the organ shield allready to prepare for whats to come. What kind of sides effects should i really be looking for? I have the nolva and am going to do that regardless with the recycle for my PCT. After doing more and more research i'm going to hold off on the pre workout stims and wait untill pct to start those again. I have con-cret for PCT also. Too young? 27. And the reason im doing a cycle is to gain the weight. I have such a fast metabolism that gaining weight is an upward battle with me. I consume around 3000-4000 calories a day

  7. Well good luck bro.


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