Green Tea, Yerba Mate vs cortisol??

  1. Green Tea, Yerba Mate vs cortisol??

    Guys, I`ve seen a lot of supls said to "naturally" control cortisol, even for pct purposes, and the main substance is the ECGC polyphenol extracted from green tea.
    Well my first doubt is if this is real?
    Second, yerba mate has some similarities in its profile to green tea, with more types of polyphenols, so I wonder if the cortisol control is apllied to this erb too.
    And the last thing, despite this, I research some other articles that said exactly the contrary about yerba mate, green tea, caffein, sinefrin, yohimbine... All said about the great things of using this erbs, like the polyphenols, anti-oxidative, vitamins, energy booster... But this energy booster seams to be the paradox of these products: They are all "energetics", and so, they promote a "adrenal", stress, stimulation, that in first place act exaclty as we want: thermogenic and mood enhacer... but then, based on what I read, every energy booster also promotes the second phase of stress: an adrenal phatigue, with release of the cortisol! And maybe that is the cause of fat gain after the thermo and cutting phase!
    So, what are your thouths and knowlegments?
    I was thinking to use a thyroid-based fat burn, like, shift, and because it easy and cheap to get, I intended to use yerba mate as energy booster plus my diary dose of jack3d preworkout. The yerba mate`d be my energy mood enhancer, specially when I won`t use jack3d, but I`d try use it like anti-cortisol. Maybe I`d run green tea pills too, if yerba doesn`t have this anti-cortisol profile. But now I am really lost on that! Should I use thoses stims and another cortisol control togheter? Should these stims increase my cortisol, insted of rise it?
    Tks a lot

    PS. I read that despite yerba mate is very similar and maybe more "potent" with much more numbers of compounds, it induces the cortisol release. (maybe because the fact that I explained before - adrenal inducion). So the doubt is about green tea - does it reduce or induce cortisol?
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  2. uhhhh, none?

  3. ECGC are good for many reasons. Thats just one.

  4. Man for cortisol, keep a high quality GTE on hand and don't forget Vitamin C! It will do wonders for cort control. If you really want to crush cortisol, you can't beat Endoamp from PP or Lean Xtreme from DS. Two of my favorite supps. I looked into buying a Phosphatidylserine product from Swanson, but the cost is identical and Endoamp has some more in it.

  5. Green tea caps are cheap and work fairly well, vitamin C is a good bang for your buck supplement for cortisol when megadosed, also the endo amp max I save for longer cycles to add into pct, I don't see the merit in a shorter cycle unless I'm heading into a cut, which I don't cut so no need.

  6. Tkas very much fellas....
    I`ll purchase a 3,3-T2 based fat burn and add the Green Tea.
    jack3d for pre-wkt sessions, plus yerba mate some times, EFA`s and maybe a HGH releaser at night (HGHup, IGF-2 or something like that)

  7. How much of green tea?

  8. I recommend 1500mg of SNS Green Tea (Standardized for 90% Polyphenols, 70% Catechins, and 50% EGCG).

    Only $9.99 on NutraPlanet.
    I'm Back...


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