Crazy Question but (srs)

  1. Crazy Question but (srs)

    I started taking the superdrol clone Dianavar, I have been taking it for about three days now and am being a real () so I want to stop just because I dont wont any complications and am deciding to wait til I am older.

    Question is would I be alright to stop now with no need for a PCT or anything and go on like nothing happened?

  2. How old are you and was it 3 days or what does "about 3 days" mean?

  3. I am 18.... And sorry, yes it was 3 days.

  4. Yes, stop now if you're unsure and no, you don't need PCT.

  5. Okay thank you Kana, Repped

  6. What he said ^^^. Also, sell or give your stuff to an older friend. Having that sitting around is a temptation that you don't want to mess with at 18.

  7. Definitely tempting! I already have a friend that was looking for more Dianavar so ill give him the pleasure >

  8. send it to me i will pay for shipping

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BIGguy05 View Post
    I am 18.... And sorry, yes it was 3 days.
    Ah! I would definitely stop
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    You probably won't need anything, but I'd hop on a natural testosterone booster for a few days just to be safe. Then again, at 18, you'll very unlikely need it. If anything, though, I'd look at maybe some DAA because it's dirt cheap and gets libido way up.

    So, after re-thinking this a bit since you're 18, just stop, keep going about your business, and if you run into any symptoms of feeling shut down, then look at the test booster for a bit.

    Congratulations on being smart and knowing to stop this, man. That's something a lot of people wouldn't do.
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