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  1. Quote Originally Posted by AXE
    Notice I said pros for nutrition and AAS cycles of which I doubt they worry about Nutrition 101 or worthless studies if they don't work in a real world enviroment.
    Do you really think the "pros for nutrition and AAS cycles" you are referring to really know or care about --does adding fat slow down the absorption of my protein shake to a measurable degree?-- I seriously doubt it, if they "don't worry about Nutrition 101 or worthless studies", they're probably more concerned with what will enhance my performance or physique to a noticable degree.

    So in short your opinion is backed up by an assumption of what you think the "pros" (who don't care about studies) may or may not believe.

    That's not smart...

  2. I agree with stryder 100% on that. Just because someone is a pro doesn't mean they do everything right. Hell, have you seen Coleman's The Unbeleivable? His technique on some of the exercises is terrible, despite the fact that hes the thickest guy around.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    LOL....I love guys like this. They put the meat in meathead.....
    Indeed, there is always "that guy"

  4. Bobo has my acolade. I've got more credit hours in the biological sciences than I care to remember and I'll happily admit this man kicks my, or anybody else's ass, when it comes to nutrition, supplementation, endocrinology, and biochemistry.

    He is correct in that lipids will not alter the absorption of liquified amino acids. High levels of soluble and insoluble fiber might but lipids do not. Basic gastro physiology and common sense to boot.

  5. Thanks Bioman.

    Love those Biology/Nutrition class lectures. I miss the I had a NTDT 400 class that was simply called "Macronutrients"! Thats it! When I was done that class, I didn't want to ever hear about protein and/or lipids again!

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  6. Axe = Sifu

  7. might be Beez but IP's don't match


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