1. No2

    Same question on this front. I've been using BSN Nitrix and like the product (takes me 4-6 weeks to notice anything).

    Any other thoughts or suggestions?

  2. bump on this one. Anyone using NO2? Do you think it is worthwhile and if so which brand do you like?

  3. I don't like NO2. It doesn't really do much if anything for me and I can't use ephedra at the same time as it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kraftkid
    bump on this one. Anyone using NO2? Do you think it is worthwhile and if so which brand do you like?
    IMO, save your money and buy more protein! I wasted a few dollars on a N02 product. I think it has been thouroughly debunked by most who have used it.

    I actually had some symptoms of arginine overdose (there is a technical term but I cant remember it). Headaches, nausea. Then I researched a little and found a few studies that claim that NO2 is toxic to the brain

    When I stopped the NO2 the symptoms subsided. The two may have not been connected but I never really saw any results from it anyway.

  5. I've never used it, but most people who have say that it just gave them strong pumps and sometimes more energy while working out, but no extra strength or mass. Additionally, I have read that exessive amounts of arginine can cause methionine deficiency, and high NO levels can increase oxidative stress.

    So basically, its more of a "recreational" supplement than anything else, because its not going to help your BBing career in the long run.



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