Fadogia/Erase/Shift/Titanium/Divanex stack - need advice

  1. Fadogia/Erase/Shift/Titanium/Divanex stack - need advice

    Hello Gentleman (and Ladies),

    Been lurking for a while. First I'd like to thank everyone here for the shared knowledge - that alone is worth visiting here frequently. I approached these bodybuilding supplements with a great deal of skepticism. But after a few cycles of Erase/DAA, Erase/Testopro and Erase/ActivateX (yes, I like Erase), friends, I'm a believer. No bloodwork to share - but I don't need it - I have a mountain of personal anecdotal evidence, including comments from coworkers and my x-wife says I look better now than I did 10 years ago, not to mention that my penis refuses to be ignored when cycling the supps listed above.

    Anyway, I'm currently running DAA/ActivateX, which is good but I want to get off the DAA for a month or two. I'm thinking Erase/Fadogia/Titanium/Divanex. I'm definitely going with Erase and something. Also considering Shift with this stack. I can't take any stims as I have PSVT.

    I would appreciate any advice or criticisms you guys (or girls) have to offer. Oh, and I'm 47 and work out, moderately, 4-6 days per week and I'm a walker (20-30 miles/week depending on the weather). Also looking to increase my intensity in the gym. I'm not too worried about overkill here as long as I can get some good results - my 30 year class reunion is in May.

    my staples are:
    Creatine mono
    citrulline malate

  2. Great Stack Sir

  3. i just ordered some erase, fadogia500, and shift. I plan on doing a cut in may. It would be nice to see how this stack works for you.

  4. Take em all

  5. Very nice
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  6. Thanks guys. I'm going to run Erase/Titanium/Fadogia/Divanex/Shift. This will be my pre-summer super-stack. I'll add some DAA in mid-May just prior to my class reunion, as it seems to work overnight for me.


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