List All the Supplements that you take MOST of the time !

  1. List All the Supplements that you take MOST of the time !

    1- 100% whey
    2- Caseine
    3- Coq10
    4- Amino by Optimum
    5- Hawthorn
    6- Hemavol ( Only workout days )
    7- Kidney Cleanse
    8- Liver 52

    I take multivitamins and fish oils here and there lol ! I think they are overrated

  2. 1-Multi
    3-Fish oil
    5-Antioxidant stack
    6-BCAA (during cutting phases only)
    8-Creatine monohydrate
    9-Multi-mineral complex

    BTW, I personally love Multi's, they just need to be high in B-vitamins. Many Multi's don't have enough B-vitamins in them, this includes "The world's most popular multi-vatim" in Centrum.

  3. 1- Truscience- whey isolate AND Micellar casein- ON 100% natural
    2- Genomyx (RPN)-Krillipid Ballance
    3-CoQ10- prefer Idebenone
    4- B Complex (usually Thorne research)
    5-creatine (creapure, kre-alkalyn or now, Creatrate!!!) /beta-alanine
    6- Fish oil (from now on orange oximega)

    I don't always use multi's, but when I do, I use MVP-365. Stay anabolic my friends.

  4. so what's a good multivitamin ? how much coq10 to take in a day ?

  5. 1: Swanson's multi softgel
    2. Sesamin
    3. Fish Oil
    4: ArginoCarn
    5. MAP/iBCAA

    That's all I use year-round. I really think that most people use way too much in a consistent basis and could easily improve their nutrition to make up for the gaps.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. 1. Fish Oil
    2. 1/3 Serving ADAM multi
    3. Vit D and low dose 5-htp couple of times a week during winter
    4. Cynatine and/or Glucsoamine joint stack

  7. 1..Multi
    2.Vitamin D, E, and C
    3.Xtend and BC+EAA
    4.Fish Oil
    6.B Complex with additional B6 and B12
    9. Cissus Quad

    Wow that seems like a lot when I typed it all up.
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  8. 1. Proteinpowder
    2. Multivitamin
    3. Vitamin D3
    4. Allicin
    5. omega3
    6. msm
    7. Power Shock
    8. Fiberteq

  9. 1. mult. oil
    3.vit. D3
    5.pre workout workout days only

  10. 1. Multi
    2. Fish Oil
    3. Protein (whey & Casein)
    4. Creatine
    5. BCAA
    6. PWO (workout days)
    7. I will be adding in a Nutrient Partitioner soon (Need2Slin)
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  11. 1. Multi
    2. Fish Oil
    3. Bcaa
    4. Creatine
    5. Vit D3
    6. Alcar

  12. 1. BCAA (AXcell)
    2. Fish oil
    3. Carnobolic
    4. StimX
    5. Food
    6. Food
    7. Food
    8. Bulk Taurine
    9. Food
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  13. I always use optimum nutrition's pro-complex...i find this protein powder to give me the best results and it is an extremely quality protein. next would be gnc's mega men sport vitamin, but the powder form. all around great product and the extra 10g of protein gives me a little jump start in the morning. kre-alkalyn would be next as i take it before and after a workout. i respond best to this kind of creatine as i dont want to take mono because i do not want water weight, i prefer to see how big i actually am, not how big i am puffed out. then i take nitric oxide boosters like jack3d or currently ravage. last would be testosterone which i just started so i cant say if it has a positive effect on me yet. all the other supps such as bcaas and aminos, b-vits, fish oil, omega 3s, etc are included in pretty good dosages in my weight gainer.
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  14. 1. Multi
    2. Creatine
    3. Pre-workout
    4. BCAAs
    5. Fish Oil/Omega Supplement
    6. Nutrient Partitioner
    7. Whey/Casein/Egg Blend protein

  15. multi
    fish oil

    everything else is is taken as needed or desired
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