Alternatives to AppNut Drive and RPM? ...bummed

  1. Alternatives to AppNut Drive and RPM? ...bummed

    Just finished a 5 week epistane cycle and started running the RPM/Drive/Neovar/IGF2 stack as part of my PCT and realized that both RPM and Drive have the component in grapefruit (i.e. Naringenin) that I have to avoid since I'm taking Xanax. Really thought I researched the hell out of them, but that slipped by. They seem like great products and I was hyped to try them, but can't risk it.

    Anybody know of similar products that have worked for them? I'll continue the Neovar and IGF2, but I need a good natural testbooster to fill that gap.

  2. You should get some DAA. Its cheap and effective.

    As for a Pre-Workout, you should look into APS Mesomorph. Best preworkout ive ever used

    by far.

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